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Broughton Street has a rich history, serving as Savannah's "Main Street" since its establishment as part of the Savannah Town Plan in 1733. By the 1800s, the street was referred to as the "Broadway of the South" as it had become a mercantile and shopping hub. By 1868 a streetcar ran down its center and in 1882, it was the first street in the city to be electrified. Similarly, by 1886 the street was first in the city to be covered in asphalt. After 1915, the street was surfaced with concrete. Throughout its life, Broughton's streetscape and streetscape elements have been varied, incorporating numerous styles and updates.

As part of the installation of a new streetscape and streetscape elements between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Drayton Street, a survey of significant historic resources within the street plane and adjacent surfaces was completed to document the street's historic resources prior to project commencement. Resource examples include slate and granite curbing, tile and terrazzo storefront entrance flooring, utility plates, and commemorative markers. Following installation, all historic resources will be documented a second time as part of as-built documentation.

Additionally, Ethos is on-call throughout construction regarding concerns related to historic resources.

Ethos is a sub-consultant to The Astra Group, Inc.

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