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Completed in 2022, the Forsyth Park Master Plan establishes a vision for Savannah's most beloved park that will guide the future for decades to come. The plan provides comprehensive guidelines and a framework to determine major and incremental actions needed to achieve the vision. A guidance and policy tool for decision-making, the plan:

  • Provides a tangible assessment of the current condition of the park and outline opportunities for future infrastructure, educational and other enhancements

  • Articulates a common vision for the park’s future with a clear set of recommendations and strategies for managing change

  • Identifies challenges and opportunities in the park and provide guidelines for decision-making

The Master Plan for Forsyth Park is a comprehensive action plan for managing and executing change for the park. The plan will include implementation guidance, act as a policy tool, and provide a platform for any potential future fundraising efforts. The Plan received a Georgia American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award for Planning & Analysis.

For this effort, Ethos was a sub-consultant to Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects.

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