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McDuffie County, assisted by the McDuffie County Rock House Property Preservation Advisory Committee, commissioned Ethos to compose the Rock House Site Master Plan in order to provide an overarching plan to manage and preserve the historic Rock House and surrounding property with the following goals and objectives:


  • to protect and interpret historic resources, including the Rock House itself, onsite archaeology, and the Ansley Cemetery;

  • provide amenities to the public, including walking trails, an event venue, and a community gathering space, etc.; and 

  • serve as an educational facility with historical and natural resource interpretation of both the site and the broader context of the county for the citizens of and visitors to McDuffie County.


The Rock House is purported to be the oldest stone residential structure in Georgia. It was likely built by Thomas Ansley (1737-1809), who had strong ties to the Quaker community. This Master Site Plan builds on previous research and plans to propose nine projects to facilitate the restoration of the Rock House as a community asset: road relocation, Rock House restoration, Ansley Cemetery interpretation, pavilion rehabilitation, new gazebo, parking areas, trails, signage, and improved security.

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